About the Creator

Who is this creator?

Native from Trois-Rivières Alexandre Pilon is deeply passionate about beauty in all its aspects. From the admiration of the sun striking a lettuce leaf that brings out the beauty of a flamboyant green color, to inspiring details that a painter expresses through each stroke of a brush on a canvas that becomes emotion, he lets himself surf on the creativity wave.

Alexandre Pilon looks beauty with his head upside down and his eyes filled with wonder. He has always been drawn to art in all its forms. The drawing was his first form of expression. He went through sculpture, music, dance and seized every opportunity to discover himself.

The birth of a vision.

At the age of 25, he devoted himself to developing his father’s business in the field of selling stained glass and jewelry for a period of 10 years. Throughout these years, he has rubbed shoulders with craftsmen, offered more than a hundred courses and training in the field of stained glass and jewelry. He has acquired an expertise that has become a reference for many craftsmen.

One day, his need to share his knowledge was transformed into a need to create, to offer jewelry that would reflect his vision of beauty. He created jewels in the idea of ​​offering, to those who wear them, a look of pride and personal well-being.

Jewelry that will make the difference for you.

In a desire to highlight your identity, he has developed pieces of jewelry that will put forward your personality with finesse and good taste.

The mouth blown glass bubble inspires authenticity and well-being. The addition of Swarovski crystals inside the glass bubbles makes the light dance and represents the energy in motion that lives in us all. Pieces of jewelry that reminds us that we are all unique and have a beautiful light that lives inside us at all times.

The leather worked for the manufacture of necklaces and bracelets, puts forward the nobility of the latter. With the addition of centerpiece to these, I offer the opportunity to put forward the difference of the one who owns it. The care taken to make necklaces reinforces the male silhouette at the level of the clavicle and offers more presence to those who wear them.

At the level of the bracelet, we took care of offering a bracelet width that will not feminize and can be worn with pride.

The mission of the company

To offer the unique, by realizing the timelessness in each creation, by concentrating our work on the highlighting of the chosen materials, while juggling between the quality of the jewelers and the creative spirit of the craftsman at work.